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Okay, so you need furnace work done. Relax, you have come to the right place. We want to build a relationship with you, not just repair your equipment once and that's it. We are your local, pro-family service comapany, hence our tagline 'One Family Helping Another'. We Mean it! We have saved numerous families from carbon monoxide emitting furnaces and burners. We hate to tell them the bad news about a replacement being needed, because although we are very reasonable in price, lets face it, a new furnace or boiler is a big investment. We can go home at night, to our admiring children, and feel proud, like a fireman or police officer, that we saved yet another family. Regardless of anyone's intentions competency plays a big role in this industry. You would be shocked at how many tech's from other companies don't have the knowledge to properly size a chimney or gas line, most make a close guess. When it comes to your family, a guess is not good enough for us. When I say our specialists are the best in Minnesota, it's not just a saying, its the absolute truth. Call now to give us a shot.

-Kevin Eggerth - President


As well as offering you a full service repair and maintenance program, we have also teamed up with some experts in the provision of room and space heaters - Space Heater Pro. If you have a short term heating requirement then we recomment portable space heaters, they a effective and flexible and extremely affordable. Why not check out some of the best space heaters at Space Heater Pro today?


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